Live your life

Take a walk. Go on a date. Have fun. Sophie's got your back.  

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Walk mode - New UI - Alert activated - 3.png
Phone Screen

Big dog energy

Sophie is the only personal safety app people can see. When you walk with Sophie, everyone knows you're protected.

Red light visible for 2 city blocks!!

How it works


You decide who helps

Choose who you want to help: your friends, family, first responders, or everyone.

Live your life

Use Walk Mode when you're on the street or in public. Use Quiet Mode to feel safe in private.



Just say the word

If you feel unsafe, say your secret voice command.

Sophie, activate!

Sophie records video, sounds an alarm, and sends your location to emergency contacts and/or local police. 


Ninja stealth

Lock your phone and Sophie will stand guard quietly. If you feel unsafe, say your secret voice command. Sophie let's you choose who to notify.

Quiet mode - New UI - Alert activated - User exits mode - 3.png
Phone Screen

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